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Since 2005, Clínica de Rehabilitación Especializada creates links with Operation walk and Fundayuda. We volunteer our services to help with the initial rehabilitation ofpatients with hip and knee replacements.

To be a leading center of Physical Therapy services, in addition to being recognized as the best option for doctors and patients because of the warmth and professionalism of our staff.


To provide Physical Therapy and gym services that satisfy the needs of our patients and clients. This is to be achieved by providing comprehensive treatment of quality and excellence, in a equipped and personalized environment.

  1. Service Excellence

  2. Professional ethics

  3. Human and friendly service

  4. Respect

  5. Team Work



About Us

We are a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic with over 20 years of existence in the city of Panama. Our Bilingual staff are fully certified Physical Therapists and certified Pilates instructors. Come see our new, modern instalations.


We now offer personalized gym services in the form of One to One Pilates classes with our Reformer and group circuit training.


Read more about Pilates Method.

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